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Forum rules Empty Forum rules

le Dim 24 Mar 2019 - 10:18
Forum rules Forum_11

Forum rules Main_r10

  • 1.1. To ensure a good comprehension of your messages, please make you sure they are clear and understandable. Also, avoiding an SMS language and spelling mistakes improve its reading.
    You have to know that a Staff member is allowed to edit your message without any warning.
  • 1.2. The double post is forbidden. An editing feature is available by clicking on “Edit” (at the right top of your message). You have to wait 6 hours before posting a new message. If several messages have been posted, they will be deleted immediately by the Staff. You will also incure a banishment for 24 hours in case of recidivism.
  • 1.3. Flaming and all kinds of insults (Racism, homophobia...) are absolutely forbidden. Otherwise, your message will be automatically deleted even it was friendly. A banishment for 24 hours would be possible.
  • 1.4. Provoking is not allowed. A warning will be given in this case. Insisting expose you to a banishment for 24 hours. The same punishment could be applied by provoking a staff member.
  • 1.5. None of messages with a pornographic nature will be permissible.
  • 1.6. Respect other members. (Politeness, courtesy,...)
  • 1.7. Advertising is forbidden including in signatures.
  • 1.8. Please avoid giving confidential informations. (Telephone number, postal address) If it’s done, a staff member shall not be obliged to delete the message.
  • 1.9. Please, be careful of forum categories and post your messages in the appropriate section.
  • 1.10. The harassment is not allowed. If someone is complaining and has enough evidences, you will be punished by receiving a revocation of your message writing right.
  • 1.11. If your message is a tutorial or other articles written by another one, please specify clearly the source and the author. Otherwise, your message would be archived.
  • 1.12. If anything you write is affecting the server, you expose yourself to a server and forum banishment.
  • 1.13. Your avatar must be compliant. If the avatar size interfere with the page layout, it will be suppressed. The maximum size is 200x200 Pixels.
  • 1.14. As the avatar, your signature must have an appropriate size. A staff member can estimate the size and suppress the signature unchanged after warning
  • 1.15. Screamer links are forbidden. Someone who do not satisfy the rule will receive a banishment for 24 hours.
  • 1.16. Before posting a message, make you sure that a similar post does not already exist by using the search tool.
  • 1.17. You can UP your messages moderately.
  • 1.18. The plagiarism of the forum or one of its part is absolutely forbidden.
  • 1.19. Please do not abuse of the thanks button otherwise you can receive a pyglard points reset (in an intentionnal way) or a banishment for 24 hours.

Forum rules Double11

  • 2.1. Creating account all the time is not tolerated. If you are looking for a renaming, please post in the appropriate section : “Changement de pseudo [Forum]
  • 2.2. Double accounts are forbidden only if your main account is banned from the forum. In the case of the rule is not satisfied, the time of your main account banishment will increase by 15 days and the created account will be deleted.
  • 2.3. Send password to a banned member in order to give him the forum access is totally forbidden.
  • 2.4. You must not pretend that a member is a banned member.

3 – Forum and server renaming

  • 3.1. Your renaming request must be consistent with the published form. Its presence allow us a more effective processing of your request if it’s correctly completed.
    Also, the date of your last renaming must appear in your request otherwise it will be ignored. So please, take your time for the form completion.
  • 3.2. No one is allowed to reply a renaming request. If a team recruitment causes your renaming, a staff member will ask a team member for replying and checking the request. If you reply a someone else’s request without authorization, you will receive a 2 days banishment for: “Disturb administrative procedures”.

4 – Unbanishment requests

  • 4.1. Staff members are authorized to reply an unbanishment request as well as players involved in the request. However, you can participate in this request by asking and precising in your message permission. Otherwise, you expose yourself to punishments like message deletion or a banishment for 24 hours for the reason : “Disturb administrative procedures”.
  • 4.2. If you are waiting for an answer to your unbanishment request, posting a message thinking about a procedure speeding up is absolutely useless and slowing down. This message could be deleted.
    If you are looking for some news about your request, post a message in the section : "L'équipe du Mode Libre - Serveur Fun" with a clear title and content in order to get some informations about the process time.
  • 4.3. When you posted an unbanishment request, you have not got the reply permission in the following 24 hours. Each request is treated when an owner has seen it. You must know that the banishment time is not less than one week. The contrary case is unusual and the player will be informed on the server.  

Forum rules Compla11

  • 5.1. Other players can comment a complaint as long as it is constructive. Unnecessary messages will be deleted by a team member, and reoffend will lead to a 24 hours banishment for "administrative procedure interference".
  • 5.2. If you have a complaint about several players, please open a topic for each player.
  • 5.3. If you feel that your complaint has not been treated properly or the explanations lacked details, you can still open a topic in the category "PYG team"

6 – PYG Team

  • 6.1. Candidatures can receive answers by forum members. But make you sure that your answer is not insulting or provoking the candidate, otherwise, it will be deleted or you will ban for 24 hours for : “Disturb administrative procedures”
  • 6.2. When you are opening a topic in this section, your message content must contain enough informations and must be polite. In the contrary case, the message could be ignored and a rewriting of your message will be recommended.

You have to know that any posted messages that do not satisfy those rules will be locked or deleted. The previous banishment times are minimum durations. The time is varying : 5 days or 3 weeks according to your fault. Commonly, before receiving a ban you will receive a warning mentioning that this punishment is not far.
The PYG Team can also remove pyglard points in case of non-compliance.

There will be no way to contest staff decisions.
By posting on the forum, you agree with the previous rules and commit to respect it. All you are going to do countering those rules expose you to a banishment without warning.

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